Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New. Blog.

Hello. I am so sorry for the massive, multiple month delay but shit happened, shit that makes it hard to bother blogging. I also realised this blog was just not working. As you may have noticed, my posts were inconsistent and I found it hard to keep on topic. However, help is at hand in the form of my -> Shiny New Blog <- ! I would be delighted if my followers (and anybody else who read this blog) would have a look. I have been going for perhaps a month or so and it already has several posts for you to read. It is very make up orientated where this one was not. I think it is that which is making it more enjoyable for me to write as I am, at heart, a make up junkie, addict, obsessive etc. Again, I am so sorry about my shitty posting and I hope you will take a look at my new blog and enjoy it more. It is still me, just a me that posts more often and enjoy what I post.
Thanks again,
Love Sylxie xx

Thursday, 20 August 2009


I really am not so good at keeping up with this am I? I have (kind of) got yet another excuse; We have had loads of visitors so I have been kept busy seeing them, helping out in the kitchen, looking after small, over excited children etc etc. Also, my Dads other children stayed for a few nights and EVERYONE has wanted to use the computer. If wasn't dull though, and I have enjoyed seeing everybody again after what is literally years - in the case of my half-brother, about 10!

I suppose my other excuse is, as you can see, having re-done my blog. Yippee! I am very pleased, although there is too much pink. I have nothing against pink, but there is a little too much. The header still wont work though which is driving me nuts. If anyone can help please, please comment! I know nothing about HTML and stuff so am really stuck about what to do.

Ok, excuses aside, I shall begin today's blog.

One quick thing before I start my main drivel and you fall asleep. I have new nail varnish! It is called 'Coral Romance' and is a lovely dark coraly-red. It is nothing like the colour they have put on the website but I think is the one in the picture. I love it so incredibly much but my nails have all broken and I am mourning them, so it is not the time for bright colours.

I have been in a fit of 'creativity' recently, after rediscovering that I have a massive box of little bags of seed beads in many.many different colours. I then set to work finding all the wire, pliers, thread, elastic, other beadas and little metal finding that I had lying around. When I was a couple of years younger I bough a whole load of beads, some metal findings and nicked my mums pliers (they suffice) and made loads of jewellry. Mainly earrings for my mum and step-mum as I did not have pierced ears.

Then the workload (at school) started and I didn't have the time. Now, after re-finding them I have vowed to put some time aside to continue my jewellry making as I happen to be OK at it. I started by making about a thousand elasticated bead bracelets, a necklace for my mum and a charm bracelet for myself. I will post photos when I can. I didn't bring the stuff with me to my Dad's (where I am now) but Jan (my step mum) told me she had a whole load of 'supplies' she didn't want any more. I was estatic! I now have enough wire, headpins and earring hooks to last me well into the next century, providing I dont want more than one pair of earrings a day. Aaaanway, the long and long of it is I have spent a hunge amount of time looking stuff up on the internet and you should be facing incredible amounts of photos when I get back home to nick my mums camera.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


This is a REAL post. I promise. Well, ish anyway.

First of all I am going to ramble on a bit about various new trends that I love. Then I shall squel excitedly about supposedly trivial things such as new nail polish etc.

There's this fierce, punky, black, grunge, leather thing going on all over the place which I really like. I loved the Roberto Cavalli a/w collection with all the different textures to stop the black being boring. First two photos; Roberto Cavalli a/w 09. Second two; Julien Macdonald a/w 09. I thought both were gorgeous and I want the whole lot.

Something else that seems to be an on-going thing across several shows was a kind of 80's thing but glammed up. So big shoulders with jewel colours and sequins teamed with structured and tailored items. And more black, but not so much of it. I, as ever, adore the Dolce and Gabbana ads in magazines. I think they are in fact works of art. But I think that this one, especially, is divine. Completely unwearable, but divine. Image; part of the D&G a/w 09 ad campaign.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


So sorry It has been two weeks! Right, I am going to make my excuses here. Week one: Computer got a virus (thanks very much, annoying brother) and we weren't allowed to use it. I rang up my dad, computer fixing man, and got instructions off him and managed to fix it on the morning I left so had no time to anything. Yes, I left. For Lyme Regis for a week. This meant I had, you guessed it, no computer access for yet another week as we could not find the internet cafe. Anyway, That is why I haven't posted for a week and I am sorry to say this isn't going to be a proper post either as I have a lot of sleep to catch up on and... more packing. But do not fear, I am going to my dads where he as an even faster internet connection so will post lots there.
Sylvie xx

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Woop new site :)

Found amazing website.
It has buckets of DIY how-to's of clothes, accessories and loads more.
My Profile <- come say hi :)
Anyway, while I'm at it I thought I would post links to a few of my fave how-to's:
Have fun 
Sylvie xx

Monday, 20 July 2009


Wooh! I got my first follower :) But seeing as my computer is set to block social networking sites I cannot see who it is :(. Whoever you are I am so sorry for my pathetic ramblings.

Anyway, today is the day for an apology. 10 days! I am so sorry to say that it has been that long since I last posted. Mainly, I am going to make my first bag post. 

So, mon baggy. I originally got as a Christmas present from my brother last year, using my incredible powers of persuasion. I love it to bits, it is made of plastic but looks enough like leather for me. It goes with almost all of my clothes and I wear it all the time.

Glasses; Purple ray-bans, came free with a magazine last year. I can't complain! They are quite cool though.
Hairbrush; This cost about a quid at tesco because I keep losing them so can't be bothered to spend much.
The book; 'Reaper Man' by Terry Pratchett. I must have read almost all of his book. he is quite the genius. Anyway, I was bored and (not) looking forward to a long drive so chucked this in.
Biscuits; Hey I was hungry! I found these in the cupboard and snuck them out and into my bag.
Purse; I love this purse. I got it in Tunisia when I went at Easter. The place is full of markets where you have to haggle your price which can be quite scary! I am also blonde and pale so was quite the novelty. Anyway, we found this prix-fix (fixed price shop) and it was haven! Anyway, my purse is a fake Louis-Vuitton (don't judge, I couldn't actually see any bags or purses that weren't fake designer) and red and lovely. I love this so much I haven't stopped using it for ever. It's not a bad fake either haha.
iPod; I got this with my Birthday money at the end of September. It is purple. It has my name engraved on the back. Too cool huh? Anyway, I can't survive without it, one time I left it at my dads and had to go three days without it. It was insanely hard. The earphones match, I know but the ones from Apple that came with it broke! They only lasted about 8 months as well... Rubbish.
Make-up bag; I would be lost without this! It has all my essentials: Mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, vaseline, translucent powder, foundation (used as concealer), make up bushes, mirror, tea tree stick, eye lash curlers.
Nail polishes; Pale pink and clear for emergencies. The best colours in the world, subtle and go with anything.
Perfume; Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. Again a Christmas present but from my mum. It smells incredible and I wear it every day. 
Bangles; Set of four from primark. They are wood, gold, and enamel (well, plastic but looks as good as) I was wearing them and they went amazingly with my outfit but they were making too much noise so took them off.
Keys; Well, kind of obvious really. I have a couple of heart key fobs on them. My fave is the union jack heart from accessorize which I got before Christmas. 

My pins badges! Technically not all pin badges but what the hey. The white, red and lips were in a set of 5 that I got for Christmas. The frog was on eof those RSPCA ones which I got in a hyper moment. The once with the multicolored circle thing I got a couple of days ago at this graphics show in London. The horse was on eof my mums old ones which she either gave to me or I nicked. It really love it, event hough all the paint has entirely worn off. Lastly, the gold safety pin. It came with some or other item of clothing I got a while back and I shoved it on.

Well, I'm sure you found this babbly post enlightening and I am also sure that you life feels so much fuller. Wisdom shared for the day.

Have fun
Sylvie xx

Friday, 10 July 2009

Just a quickie today, I haven't got much time - I need to rush out to (*shudders*) orchestra where I can happily screech away on my violin. With my friends so that's okay. So instead of posting something meaningful (from me? Yeah right!) I juts plugged my polyvore account with the new set I made. I really find it hard to believe it has been two whole weeks since I made a new set! Well... Anyway love you all xx

Vintage? A bit